Caring For Your Shades!

Taking care of your shades is essential to getting the most out of them! Below are some tips on making sure they last for years!

  • Salt Water: We highly recommend washing off your sunglasses with fresh water after any use in salt water. Like all sunglasses cleaning or wiping the lens with salt water will eventually wear down the coating on your lenses leaving spots.
  • Be Gentle: Any time you clean the lens gently wipe with a clean cloth. Excessive pressure can wear down protective coatings over time.
  • Heat: As you know parked cars can get hot, like 170°F hot! This kind of heat is no bueno for sunglasses, or anything for that matter! If you leave your sunglasses in your car try to keep them out of direct sunlight. Over time those high temperatures in direct sunlight can take an effect on your shades.
  • Lens Cleaners: Do NOT use any lens cleaners on your lenses. These would be okay on certain glass lenses but the chemicals will destroy the lens mirror coating. Always use fresh water to clean your lenses and you will not have any problems.

Our sunglasses are durable but like any product the better you take care of them the longer life and performance you will get out of them in return! If you have any questions about caring for your shades feel free to shoot us an email to




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