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    Our Essentials frame fits people with medium/large face shapes best!

    Our Essentials frames are the equivalent of a black t-shirt. It’s an absolute must-have in every wardrobe! This collection of Essentials sunglasses is stylish, sturdy, and affordable. What’s not to love?

    Top-quality Essential sunglasses at the best prices

    With such affordable prices, you might be hesitant about the quality of our sunglasses. But who said that good sunglasses have to be expensive? Unlike many of our competitors, we are committed to providing our customers with fair prices. In terms of quality, you’ll struggle to find better. All of our Essential sunglasses have screwless hinges and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses — making it nearly impossible to ruin them. So you can do what makes you happy without worrying about your favorite pair of sunglasses getting damaged or destroyed.

    Polarized sunglasses that protect your eyes

    Have you ever found yourself squinting and using your hand to block out the sun’s reflection even with a pair of sunglasses on? That’s because they probably weren’t polarized. A polarized lens has a virtually invisible filter built into the lens to reduce reflected light coming through — stopping glare and making images sharper and clearer. All of our Essential sunglasses have polarized UV400 lenses that block up to 100% of UV light rays, making your vision clear and comfortable. With such a low price point, polarized lenses are a great added bonus that make our Essentials sunglasses even more desirable.

    Essentials sunglasses for everyday life

    Wear them at the beach, on the snow, or out to town. Our Essentials sunglasses have a lightweight yet sturdy frame that you can wear all day long without realizing it. Designed to survive your every adventure and protect your eyes while you are out and about, these sunglasses can be styled with any outfit — so you only need one pair! Made to stay on your face without slipping, our Essentials frame fits medium to large face shapes best. Browse our Big Kahuna collection for bigger frames or our Hurricane and Ocean Ave collections for a smaller fit.

    Essentials frames in the coolest colors

    Stylish, durable, and affordable, our Essentials sunglasses also come in the trendiest color combinations. Available in classic black, grey, and clear, as well as groovy burgundy and palm green, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to our Essentials frames. Add jet black, purple, pink, electric blue, sunset, or green lenses and you’ve got yourself the coolest pair of shades around. 

    Shop Detours Sunglasses today

    If our Essentials don’t quite float your boat, try our Floaties (yes, pun intended!). Jokes aside, we have loads more sunglasses in our men's and women's collections. With our free shipping country-wide, what are you waiting for? Get your pair of Detour sunglasses today and find out what all the hype is about.