About Us


Detour Sunglasses started in 2012 out of Chicago, Illinois with a point to prove: Not all quality sunglasses need to break the bank. And so, with that in our back pocket we set out to create a line of sunglasses that matched all lifestyles. Led by a small team that cares, we’re devoted to delivering our customers the best optic wear for the best price. You shouldn’t have to compromise on price, style, or durability when choosing a pair of sunglasses, which is why we three birds, one stoned-it.

Take the fear out of your Sunglass routine. Lost the pair you just ordered? Left them on your car seat and sat on them? For just $5, we provide a Life-long Warranty to cover such occurrences.

After all, they’re Sunglasses – not your grandmother's antiques.  


In 2021, per customer request, we designed our very first Big Kahuna – a pair of sunglasses designed for larger heads. And seemingly overnight, our entire strategy changed. With large-head owners everywhere hoping to get a pair on their ears, we knew we had to deliver.

So, we made more, and people love them. 

... And we kind of went viral for this...


We make products for the people who get it done. From fishing to trucking to skiing to racing, we’ve got something for everyone.

Take a Look at our shades in action