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Buy Polarized Sunglasses Online

Detour’s mission is to create sunglasses that have the quality you’d expect from designer brands, without the overinflated prices. We know that when you have a busy, active lifestyle, you need durable sunglasses, so we’ve created a range of stylish and practical polarized sunglasses for all your outdoor adventures. Our sunglasses are made to be worn, and because they’re inexpensive, you won’t be afraid to lose them on the trail. Detour sunglasses are also covered by a six-month warranty, so if you manage to break them, we’ll repair or replace them for you.

Men’s and women’s sunglasses in classic styles

Instead of shopping for men’s or women’s sunglasses, you can find a range of unisex sunglasses at Detour. Our sunglasses are based on classic styles, so you’ll always be on-trend, and you can easily find a pair that suits your vibe.

Our range of women’s and men’s sunglasses includes:

- Aviator sunglasses

- Frameless styles

- Blue light blockers

- Square frames

- Retro looks

You can choose from a range of lens colors too — so whether you prefer classic black, or want blue, orange or brighter shades for a vintage look, you’ll be able to find the pair of sunglasses that’s right for you. 

Pick polarized sunglasses for outdoor fun

Whether you like hiking, biking or water activities, it’s worth choosing polarized sunglasses for outdoor adventures. Polarized sunglasses reduce the amount of glare that you get from surfaces such as water, snow, or even grass, which means you get noticeably better vision than from standard sunglasses.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, Detour’s polarized sunglasses will allow you to enjoy more of the view. When you’re hitting the slopes or hiking somewhere beautiful, polarized sunglasses ensure your eyes are well-protected, while still letting you enjoy the scenery.

Protect little eyes with our kids’ sunglasses

Detour doesn’t just make sunglasses for adults. Check out our range of kids’ sunglasses, which includes cute mini versions of our popular adult styles. Our kids’ sunglasses are just as hard-wearing and practical as the adult range. They also come in a variety of colors, so kids can get a pair of sunglasses that they love and will keep their eyes well-protected.

Buy sunglasses online and avoid inflated prices

Buying sunglasses online at Detour means you can get a quality pair of sunglasses, without the big price tag. There are lots of designers out there who make sunglasses, but you’re often paying for the designer name, rather than manufacturing quality. At Detour, you can buy sunglasses, snow goggles and more at a low price, and still get a stylish look, along with the highest level of eye protection.

Browse Detour’s range of sunglasses online to find a pair that suits you. Whether you wear them out on the hiking trail or to the beach, you’ll love our high-quality sunglasses, and you’ll definitely love the price! We even offer free shipping, so you can avoid those costly extras.