How To Choose Perfect Sunglasses - Sunglasses Categories

How To Choose Perfect Sunglasses - Sunglasses Categories

There are two important things you should consider when finding the perfect pair of sunglasses, UV protection and the category of the sunglasses!


Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that are harmful to our eyes and skin. You can read our article on UV400 protection here to learn more and also get tips on how you can check if your sunglasses have UV protection at home.


Another important factor to consider while buying sunglasses is the percentage of visible light transmission (VTL). The higher VLT percentage - the more light that comes through the lenses to your eye.


There are 5 categories of Visible Light Transmission (VLT):


Category Zero: 0% (transparent) – these models are suitable only for wearing indoors or safety glasses. These lenses are passing 100-80% of the light.


Category 1: 80-43% light transmission – This category is mostly used for fashion eyewear. It will offer a slight tint but nothing that will give much protection outdoors.


Category 2: 43-18% light transmission – These are okay for cloudy/overcast conditions. They are not highly recommended for sunny days.


Category 3 (all our sunglasses): 18-8% light transmission – Cat.3 is a great all-around pair of sunglasses, which is why we use these on all our frames! These are good for sunny days and aren’t going to be too dark in cloudy/overcast days.


Category 4: 8-3% light transmission – This rating offers maximum protection from the sun. Only recommended for high altitude situations like activities taking place high up in the mountains. Never use this category of sunglasses for driving.

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All Detour sunglasses have 100% UV protection and are in category 3 of the visible light transmission. They are perfect for normal outdoor activities and driving! If you have plans of doing high altitude activities we recommend finding sunglasses in category 4 built specifically for your needs!



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